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Lauralyn's philosophy of teaching dance goes beyond technique. She believes that passion, self-esteem, confidence, respect and work ethic all goes hand in hand when teaching dance. She doesn't simply share knowledge in the hopes of creating a flawless technician, she strives to help young dancers be the best versions of themselves.


Cultivating passion and using that ambition to create action will only lead to success. Self-worth and confidence will not only aid in the field of dance but on their path through life teaching dancers to appreciate their bodies and to be confident in what they say and do. Teaching a young dancer respect and work ethic will not only help their academic life but also give them a head start on a successful career.


The practice of dance is a perfect tool to teach the importance and put into practice these life skills and attributes.




Lauralyn Voigt is a dancer, teacher, and choreographer. She has been teaching and setting work since 2003 and danced professionally with Warped Dance Company and occasionally performs with the company as a guest artist and aerialist. Lauralyn graduated from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities with a BFA in Dance. While at UMTC she was in works by Uri Sands, Makeda Thomas, Marciano Santos, Erin Thomson and Irving Amigon. Voigt has performed at ACDF and several other festivals including Uptown Performance Series in New York and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.  Lauralyn was the Studio Director at a Wisconsin based studio, Lake Shore Dance, for five years as well as the Artistic Director for Danceit! Performance Ensemble for six seasons. Voigt has recently relocated to the Denver area in hopes of new inspiration and to continue and grow her passion for her art.


"Do it with passion or not at all."






Impetus (2015)

To This Day (2016)

If We Stay (2017)

Gold (2016)

Newsies (2014)

Entangled (2014)




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